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LCK Summer 2018 Kicks Off on Crazy Patch 8.11

MVP vs. bbq Olivers graced LCK Summer 2018 by opening the season with the ultimate patch 8.11 cheese: Taric mid + Master Yi jungle vs. Karthus mid + Nunu jungle. … Continue reading

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How to Convincingly beat King-zone DragonX Part 2: Lessons from Afreeca

Flashing strobe lights, a boyband entrance and smiles to top off the night – this is how King-zone DragonX rolled at the Busan Sajik Gymnasium a month ago. Unlike their … Continue reading

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3 Things you Should Know about SKT & KT before the Telecom War

KT Rolster may have won the Telecom Wars in regular season LCK Spring 2018, but we all know that SK Telecom T1 in playoff mode might as well be a … Continue reading

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Perfect No More: How to Convincingly beat King-zone DragonX

Last year Faker sat on a throne in the playoffs against KT Rolster in Spring 2017. This year, a new lineage of kings have arrived. With the transfer of Peanut, … Continue reading

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Important Questions SKT needs to Answer… Soon

3-time World Champions SK Telecom T1 is in 9th place in the LCK out of 10 teams. They’re only one up above MVP right now with a W/L score of … Continue reading

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3 Trends to Follow in the Opening LCK Spring Meta

Week one of LCK Spring 2018 has delivered in so many ways. For the first time, we saw SK Telecom T1 Wolf role-swap to the jungle! Yes, SKT acquired rookie … Continue reading

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[Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals] Welcome to SK Telecom T1 in a Bo5

It’s funny how this Worlds 2017 suddenly made everyone jump up and say, “Hey! Did you notice? SK Telecom T1’s early game sucks! Just like how Longzhu Gaming took them … Continue reading

October 20, 2017 · Leave a comment

Unique pick brief: Urgot

Say what? Urgot gud? Gigabyte Marines pull out yet another unique pick—this time with success against Immortals. Drafting with full lane priority, every single lane pushed in early. Ashe-Lulu was … Continue reading

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On the Ryze: Play-in picks brief

The most interesting part about Worlds is seeing the Meta take shape. We’re on patch 7.18 and despite nerfs to Gragas, Rakan and Tristana, they remain a staple. Because Kalista … Continue reading

September 25, 2017 · Leave a comment

[Review] KT Rolster vs. Samsung, LCK Regional Finals 2017

Apologies KT Rolster fans – Samsung Galaxy are going to Worlds! What’s most interesting is that they didn’t just beat KT, they swept the Rolster 3-0. How?  By being defensive and taking games … Continue reading

September 2, 2017 · Leave a comment
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