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30s until Minions Spawn: An introduction

The more matches SK Telecom T1 played at the 2015 World Championships, the more I marveled. It came to a point where my mind stole the saying ‘It’s a beautiful game!’ from soccer. Commentaries and post-game analysis pieces could not satisfy my inner hunger to understand just why they were so good at this.


Worlds 2015 Championships. Photo courtesy of Sodalitas.

And we all know the ‘Why?’ is a tough one to breakdown: You can never isolate a single factor, a few key plays, or even a few moments in the game to explain a victory. In sports, one goal may very well decide the winner. The beauty of League of Legends is that everything begins the moment we step onto the Rift. When minions spawn, there is no looking back. Everything adds up. Everything will add up, including—

  • Picks & bans
  • Team composition
  • Lane matchups
  • Lane swaps & rotations
  • Objective priorities/control
  • Warding/Vision Control
  • Item/build paths
  • Gold allocations
  • Damage distribution
  • Playstyles

Writers have exhausted these win conditions with play-by-play analyses, recaps and breakdowns, while others focus on statistics, graphs and maps. (Check out The Score Esports, ESPN LoL esports, and 329+ for some cool articles.)

Selfishly, and strategically, this blog will focus on the macro stuff—Vision control, Objective control, and Team-fighting Elegance. It acknowledges that no one aspect can be truly talked about independently; and will do its best to keep the balance.

With hope, Minions Have Spawned will curate, condense and contribute.

Posts will assume you’ve watched the game, you know the game, and you love League of Legends. Comment away!



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