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[Review] Longzhu vs. SKT T1, LCK Summer Finals 2017

SKT and Longzhu are going to Worlds. Defeating SKT T1 3-1, LZ earned the LCK Summer Championship and a spot to China.

LZ summer finalsLongzhu in the post-finals interview

How did Longzhu beat SKT? How did SKT lose?
Whether they’re 2 sides of the same coin or not, you decide.

Trouble already started from the pick/ban phase:
1. LZ flew above the meta and played carry tops
2. SKT drafted questionably with too much scaling

lz skt g1

Longzhu‘s strategy was obvious: Empower Khan, their rookie top laner who according to LS (previous SPOTV caster) has the best mechanics in the world.

Not even KT could deal with Khan’s Jayce 3v1. KT won this game eventually, but banned Jayce in game 2. Yet, SKT let him have it in 2 of 4 games.

skt lz g2

lz skt g4

On top of that, SKT were adamant about their protect-the-ADC team comp which in this finals, did not work due to the amount of pressure Longzhu was creating top-side.

SKT first-picking Ashe in game 1 was also puzzling. Against Jax they could have utilised Kennen, but did not. Only Faker performed consistently well all 4 games.

LCK ain’t over though! Regionals begin tomorrow with Afreeca Freecs vs. MVP.


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