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[Review] Samsung vs. Afreeca, LCK Regionals 2017 round 2

Eat some LCK Reverse Sweep! Samsung will fight KT Rolster for the last spot to Worlds. Afreeca Freecs were up 2-0, but SSG 1. Benched Haru, subbed Ambition 2. Brought out his … Continue reading

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[Review] Afreeca vs. MVP, LCK Regionals 2017 round 1

This is either madness or genius. In one series of Afreeca Freecs vs. MVP, AFs pulled out: 1. ADC Draven in game one 2. Jungle Lulu in game five Not the … Continue reading

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[Review] Longzhu vs. SKT T1, LCK Summer Finals 2017

SKT and Longzhu are going to Worlds. Defeating SKT T1 3-1, LZ earned the LCK Summer Championship and a spot to China. Longzhu in the post-finals interview (Screenshot:  How did Longzhu beat SKT? How … Continue reading

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LCK Playoffs Walkthrough: SKT’s Win(d) Conditions

What has been your LCK playoffs highlight so far? Faker styled on Crown in game 1 versus Samsung. On Lucian, he opened the series with a 1v1 solo kill onto … Continue reading

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[Preview] KT Rolster vs. SKT T1, LCK Playoffs 2017 semifinals

1-2 2-1 1-2 2-1 Today? The winner of KT Rolster vs. SKT T1 today goes to Worlds. Yes, Worlds. Whichever team wins today and heads to LCK Summer finals would … Continue reading

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Apologies, SKT T1 are back Better than Before

You would think that after losing form, a team who bounces back would aim to be on par with their prior condition. But after 8 games and 4 matches later, … Continue reading

August 1, 2017 · 1 Comment
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