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Executioner’s Drafting

SKT T1 has not won a game since the finals of Rift Rivals against Team WE. That was on patch 7.12. Casters posit that maybe they just haven’t had time to adapt to 7.13 coming back to LCK. PapaSmithy added that “assessing the cause will be difficult because a lot of things are failing at once”.


I agree. So then what can we evaluate? Taking away unknown, unmeasurable factors like player condition, scrim results, slow adaptation to the meta etc. what can we analyse? Are there objective ways we can explain why SKT lost 0-2 to Samsung and 0-2 to Afreeca in a row?

 Match/game  Key reason for losses
SKT vs SSG, game 1 Not executing 1-3-1, then losing team fights
SKT vs SSG, game 2 Fiora imploding
AFs vs SKT, game 1 Shen never showing up when he is needed because AFs kept burning through Stand United’s shield, leaving SKT 4v5
AFs vs SKT, game 2 Jax imploding

jax implode

Summary of identifiable reasons for SKT’s losses

It boils down to this:
1) Did SKT draft tightly?
2) Did SKT execute their draft? …or did their opponents out-draft them?


SKT lost to the exact same draft twice versus Samsung, though for different reasons.

SKT vs SSG_g1_comments

The pick and ban phase already raised questions:
-Why give up mid priority on Taliyah when SKT has had a 100% win rate on her + she is still relevant in this meta?
-Why allow Ruler to have his comfort and highest winning ADC?
-Why is there no wave clear on the side of SKT in a wave clear/push meta?

SKT’s item-dependent champions in this scenario did not hurt because SSG too, opted into scaling. However the lack of wave clear compounded SKT’s problems.

Because Taliayh shoves Kass in, 30mins into the game SKT still could not take down SSG’s outer mid tower.  Baron and top-side jungle remained blocked.

A crucial mistake by SKT then led to defeat. Although Kassadin’s teleport was up, 1-3-1 was not deployed and SKT opted into a fight at SSG’s stronghold—the outstanding mid turret.

The moment Kass/Rakan/Fiora dive Varus and he lives, SSG wins. Ice, ice, ice + slow, slow, slow + delayed stun from Sejuani and Braum meant that Kass could only output one spell rotation before perishing. CuVee’s Camille further dictated the team fight by zoning SKT’s carries, buying time for Varus to survive.

skt vs ssg_g1baronfight(Screenshot:

Perhaps Orianna >  Kass this game. Since SKT already got their hands on Kalista-Rakan, all they needed was a ball to round off the wombo combo and provide wave clear.

Get inspired by CLG!

AFs vs SKT

Watch these 2 clips from 1st and 2nd round robins. What do they have in common?

AFs forcing fights in the jungle with J4.

SKT’s disengage to protect Bang’s Caitlyn and Ashe cannot win these battles in the jungle. AFs dictated the terrain and lured SKT into tight spaces where the flag would definitely drag.

Strikingly all AFs did was utilise J4 the same way both rounds to beat SKT. High damage champions, combos and initiation onto the backline—elements absent from SKT’s recent drafts. Unatara has only played J4 twice (100% win rate) this season.

Picks of the Week

Why have we not seen Peanut’s AP carry Elise in this meta? Why are SKT’s junglers lacking pressure? Should SKT and teams as a whole draft for lane dominance or fights? Can they do both? How many scaling champions and/or early-mid game? How much CC?

SKT has lost to SSG’s CC and peel comp with Braum twice, and AFs J4 engage combo thrice. Perhaps it’s also not a coincidence that this week’s most picked are these very champions in their respective roles. While Varus is less prioritized, his WR is notably higher than Kalista’s.

Will SKT change their drafts up here on out? You can bet on it.

LCK Summer continues with SKT vs. JAG on 18 July. Catch it live at lolesports.



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