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Challenge what You Know

Come January 2017 when the LCK begins again, Minions Have Spawned will be 1! I dislike citing achievements to mark the year (because trying to be kinder soul to others is invaluably more important), so what I will say is that it took courage to start this blog and share how the experience has been thus far.

Planning begun after Worlds in 2015; a spark lit up and I found it curiously enjoyable to discuss how games were won by SKT. The answers are never simple and it has been a joy to analyze matches and break them down for you, bite-sized.

Coming up with a concept for the blog was challenging. There are many aspects to talk about in single a match of League of Legends, what more a series of 3 games—from micro to macro, champion select, laning trades, vision, item builds, build paths, jungle pathing etc. I knew I needed something to anchor each post or risk having no focus. I also had to answer Big Questions: Why do you want to start this blog? Will you really be able to keep it up or give up half way?

37 posts later, we’ve answered those questions and more:
Being passionate about something doesn’t mean you will always be happy doing what you love.

folderSnapshot of my working folder. Yes, there is a need for arrows and fatter arrows.

Holding a day job means there were many days where I would feel totally exhausted coming home after spending 12 hours in the office. Rather than sitting down again in a chair reviewing VODs and putting bits of analysis together, watching Netflix on the couch will always be more attractive. Weekends were spent creating content instead of spending time with friends, weight was gained, and rank came to a halt. Buddies in client have asked “Play?” many times over and there was a 60% chance I would reply, “Sorry doing blog now. Maybe later?” only to end the night going straight to bed and waking up to find that they’ve reached Diamond.

tania-mae-platSo close!

That was the harder part, really. In practice it takes effort to keep up with the latest strategies, builds, and optimal jungle pathing which changes with each patch. I also had to learn more about the ways teams play which can’t be teased out by merely watching a few games. To truly know a team’s identity and the dynamics between individual players and team play takes time. That said, content makes a blog post only half baked. Compare for example, the titles of the first and latest post: “SKT vs CJ Game 1/2” and “Old Habits Die Hard: SSG vs SKT Worlds Finals”. Some of the most creative titles I came up with are “3 Ways Teams get stuck between between ROX and a hard place”, “Rising above Rollercoasters”, “Swap till you Drop” and “The Bengifly Effect”. From words to statistical tables to mapping jungle paths to infographics, I’m always questioning “What’s the best way to convey this analysis?”

draftA typical note-taking draft while watching and pausing VODs

Thank you to every single person who has read my blog. Your support has been more than encouraging. I hope that Minions Have Spawned has made watching pro-games more interesting, and has given you a greater appreciation for League of Legends as much as it has for me. Thanks to my friends who are always the first ones I push my posts to. They’re so helpful in picking up spelling and grammar mistakes =P

While I appreciate the 2 month break, come January 17 2017, LCK is going to start all over again with even more superpowered teams. Get excited!

Love, Tania


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