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Do you wanna Build a Snowman? : Worlds Group Stage, Day 2 & 3

In Patch 6.15 Riot said “Laneswapping (while difficult to pull off) has become the formulaic ‘default’ strategy for teams in the professional scene. Having a go-to strategy isn’t wrong by any means, but the prevalence of laneswaps has all but removed direct conflict from the early stages of the game. We believe games of League should be won by interacting with your opponents, and while laneswapping is certainly a kind of interaction, its prevalence has removed almost all early-aggression strats from viability. That said, we’re not looking to outright remove the ability to pull off swaps.”

Little did they believe that while teams can lane swap as they please, making it illogical to do so essentially removes the choice altogether. In my opinion the meta has regressed into one that intentionally mirrors solo queue: Snowball, snowball, snowball.

Image result for snowball league of legends(Source:

eSports is after all not just a sport, but also entertainment.

That said of course at top tier pro-level, strategy is definitely required. Drafts become more important than ever as champion diversity is reduced. A snowball meta doesn’t necessarily mean that scaling champs are out of the question, but how well spread the damage is from early to mid game and how much CC is sufficient to get the game going matters greatly particularly when the level of play between teams is comparable. Once that is taken care of, it comes down to execution, timing and vision control which is why junglers are so prized right now.

Here’s a quick exploration of just how teams have been snowballing – and how not to – in  Days 2 & 3 of Worlds:



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