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Top 4 LoL Basics, Revisited: SKT vs LZ/AFs

It’s a disaster! This marks the start of their decline! It’s 2014 all over again!

2 losses(Source:

No, it’s just 2 consecutive losses for SKT during the LCK Summer regular season to JAG and then AFs. We know it’s only described as ‘catastrophic’ because it’s SKT, where expectations from everyone soar high. Nonetheless it was a pleasure to watch them rebound immediately in Game 1 against Longzhu in the most conservative way possible. No bankai, no shikai. Just plain and simple League of Legends.

lz_skt_g1_buildingGame 1: SKT vs Longzhu gold advantage & building kills

Here are the top LoL101 things SKT demonstrated – a solid reminder for all of us on how to really play this game:

  1. Counter-picking


What was jarringly out-of-place in their earlier drafts against JAG and AFs with a last pick Lulu despite Anivia being completely open vs. Vladmir, or consistently placing Duke under the oppression of Trundle was done away with instantly during champ select.


Rarely does SKT first pick their support, yet we witnessed a quick Braum locked in with Rek’sai. This opens up their draft on red side to consider their options in 3 core positions at top, mid and bottom. Appropriately, Anivia was pitched against Vlad, and we finally got to see SKT’s response to Trundle after failing with Irelia and Fiora.


  1. Team composition

Counter-picks and power picks in themselves are worth nothing if they do not fit together in the jig-saw. All of SKT’s champions were relevant in the meta in Game 1 vs AFs, but how were they supposed to gel?

questionable comp

You could say Fiora, Vlad and Sivir being scaling, item-dependent champions might last till late game and get fed enough to charge into opponents like wildebeest with On the Hunt and Inspire.

Their only problem was how to get there.

Double teleport advantage on AFs’ side, tankiness, tons of CC, heavy slows, superior teamfighting, engage tools and pick-potential compared to SKT’s comp…you get the picture.

AFs team gold advantage, increasing steadily from 4min

  1. Play your Style

So let’s try to imagine a better draft for SKT. How will it look like? Can they capture the qualities of an all-rounded composition?

Among teams, it’s notable that their win condition more often than not can be identified from the start at the pick/ban phase. They experimented with less mobile ADCs Jhin and Ashe earlier in the split, but unsurprisingly found solid success with Ezreal and Lucian in their series vs. LZ.

An SKT special, their drafts in both games bellowed the same tune: Protect/empower-the-ADC.

Tangled in a cocoon on the retreat, watch how the entire team instantly reacted and turned things around after Ezreal nearly got chunked out in Game 1.

Longzhu will always remember this as the day they almost caught Bang.

bang lucian dmgADC Lucian carrying in Game 2

  1. Objectives win games

Even when teams manage to catch someone out, and they certainly do considering SKT is bottom 2 at First Blood rate, examine this:

LCK 2016 Summer Statistics – Objectives


Rate Rank

2nd place

First Dragon



60% – SSG

Dragon control



56% – SSG

First Tower



67% – ESC

First to kill 3 Towers



67% – ROX

Rift Herald



58% – KT

First Baron Rate



62% – ROX

Baron Control Rate



64% – MVP

(Source: as of 27 Jun 2016)

SKT is not just a methodical, objective-oriented team. They are the methodical, objective-oriented team. No other team can consistently control, secure and acquire all 4 objectives on Summoner’s Rift nor do the runner-ups even come close to the rate at which SKT does.

And that’s not all.

SKT ward rates



Wards per min


Wards cleared per min


Ave % of visible wards cleared


Ave % of invisible wards cleared


(Source: as of 27 Jun 2016)

You’d think objective-control is directly correlated with vision-control, and to a large extent it is. Yet SKT falls short in ward placements and eliminating opponent’s vision, which implies that their warding is specific, targeted and as a result, effective. The data also suggests that SKT play their matches on considerably darker maps with more FoW compared to opponents, yet are able to execute rotations and secure objectives that much better.

No wonder no one wants to face the telcomm giants.



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