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Rising above Rollercoasters: KT vs SKT, Playoffs Rd 3

Rule #1 for SKT this series – Do not let Ssumday get his hands on Ekko.
Rule #2 – Ah what the heck, let’s just shut down Ssumday altogether.
Rule #3 – Do not let Score get ahead.
Rule #4 – Force Fly’s hand such that he doesn’t land a utility/control mage.
It’s simple. Follow these rules, beat KT.

Alright. It wasn’t that simple but tl;dr that was essentially SKT’s overall game plan the moment pick and bans started. It also helped that KT drafted questionably right up till game 3 which by then was too late.

kt_skt_playoffs_g1compKT’s half poke half clean-up vs. SKT’s all-in CC you’re dead & Maokai is still alive comp

Rule #5 – Evolve.
Unlike vs JAG, SKT’s progress over this series was obvious. Game 1 saw teleports from Duke and Faker that ate air, with Faker’s Lissandra once again trying to force team fights that fail. With Grasp of the Undying personified in a team comp, SKT played so well reactively in Game 2 as a response to leaving Maokai and Alistar open. But reacting is not enough to beat ROX, and for the first time in the entire LCK Spring 2016 season we see a glimpse of SKT’s greatness that could match the Tiger’s aggression in Game 3, so much so that it brought tears to my eyes.

kt_skt_g2compundyingSKT’s fresh lineup for their ‘Protect the Bang comp’

Here’s how the added sassiness gave SKT enough swag to clinch 3 convincing victories over KT:

  1. Picks & bans

TEAM COMPOSITION: It’s out there—SKT prioritizes Maokai over Sivir. We knew from their red side games against JAG that they wanted both of these power-picks, but playing on blue we now confirm that Maokai is #1 on the board. And so KT grabbed Sivir in Game 1 and secured Score’s jungle pick.

The tricky part is what does KT pick next? This is what they could have had:


Of course they knew Trundle would be a good response to Mao while Liss worked for them in their last clash but…none of this happened. The dilemma is taking Liss blindly without leaving a red side counterpick for mid. Liss was so contested by both teams just 2 weeks ago, yet left completely open in Game 1 & 2. The difference was in KT’s choice of Varus (super long rage poke) in response to Liss (short-ranged mage) and nabbing Corki after which is probably the lowest threat in SKT’s perspective. Fly’s Viktor and Zilean, both of whom could waveclear to the same effect and bring more to team fights were not at all hovered over.

So what did SKT do?

They took Liss. They took Zilean. They picked Trundle into Maokai and showed KT how it’s done. These specifics were just responses to KT’s picks but also perfectly fit the comp SKT was building. It’s funny how KT in this playoffs ended up drafting like SKT did majority of the season—poorly, grabbing power-picks or picking too narrowly for lanes that the strength of the overall comp suffers.

  1. Shutting down Ssumday & Score

Speaking of Trundle into Maokai, this is something you don’t see every day in the pro league: Proxy farming.


A 30 CS advantage, Duke was winning his lane hard. Yes SKT gave up mid and bot towers for this 3-man gank top, but hey, it was all part of their plan to root the tree in its spot so that they could better handle the sapling later in teamfights.

This was nothing, and I mean nothing compared to the onslaught SKT lined up in Game 3 against Ssumday’s Nautilus.

1st gank from Blank for 1st blood

And another

Then a team gank because the party started

I’ve lost track of how many times this has happened

It’s also in the smallest of things: SKT learnt the hard way from JAG painful lessons on counter-jungling. Blank was zoned out of his own jungle more times than the team should have let happen, and SKT made an extra effort to place down deeper wards at camps and at river entrances on top of modifying Blank’s pathing this series.

deepwardFaker walked all the way from lane to put down a deep ward at Wolves

In Game 3 both junglers started their clear from the top side, taking their standard double buffs. Score decides to head up top for counter-jungling opportunities deep at Krugs. The key thing here is that instead of going for the scuttle crab at bot, Blank U-turns back to raptors – a crucial change in pathing that allowed him to meet his nemesis to draw 1st blood.

SKT were sending messages to KT in their playoffs against JAG. They seemed to have again treated this series as practice for the Tigers.


If ROX were taking notes, they’d know by now that:
SKT can execute a pick comp with both a control mage and assassin like what ROX has done
-Unlike the regular season, SKT has proven that they can respond extremely well in their draft to what opponents are setting up especially with Zilean and Tahm Kench added into the mix
-SKT has revealed serious potential to roll like ROX, pushing every advantage early, disallowing opponents to breathe.

Now the question is, what can SKT do against the Final Boss?
Like what they’ve done here vs KT,
-Shut Semb down
-Shut Peanut down with vision control
-Let Faker do his thing mid vs Kuro while also drafting for a team pick
-No mistakes no mistakes no mistakes because Tigers immediately pounce on any
-Keep the Tigers on their toes by changing up their strategy in each game, forcing their opponent’s hand when it comes to picking (and banning) junglers
-Have lots fun while playing, as they did in Game 3. It really helps!

#SKTWin because they’ve come a long way =D

Check out the rest of my blog to learn how they’ve grown this LCK Spring split!


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