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Wards don’t Lie: SKT vs SBENU Game 1/2 [4 Feb 2016]

Which SKT did we see today? I’ll give you a hint: This is the SKT that, in the last week lost to ROX in a landslide and were not at all happy with their performance against emFire.

Whenever SKT takes a hit, they come back with precision. This is the SKT we saw, the one after Game 3 versus the Koo Tigers last Worlds 2015 who came back to play controlled and methodical League of Legends.

  1. “I’ve got no time for games.”

Objective control:

SKT’s calculated checklist
1st drag – done
Rift Herald – taken

Next? Mid tower.

With an aggressive Faker on Corki mid lane, he’s going to chip down the tower much faster compared to Poppy who isn’t going to touch the tower much, and a blue Ezreal who just wants to build up the tear. He’s also up against Lulu, and Corki being a mixed damage ADC, will still win the turret chipping war. After the mid turret is down, SKT transit smoothly to secure their 2nd dragon.

Mid turret – 1st tier down
2nd dragon – check, thank you very much

Follow the enemy jungler – check
1st blood – Who knew it’d go to Aggressive bengi? Double check!

Steal Elise’s red buff since you already had the timer on it from taking her previous one – check, check.
Bot turret – check
(Faker’s Corki perishes…oops.)
Top turret – check, since SBENU’s junglers is busy at bot, so Duke pushes in without risk.

Just going through this list makes one breathless. When SKT is described as methodical, what we really mean is that SKT’s pressure is relentless. Mid-game, they take one objective after another with no window for their opponents to react, forcing them to deal with minion waves pushing in all 3 lanes. At this point, SKT has already drawn the end of the line for SBENU.

  1. Let’s settle the score.”

Vision: Everyone knew that bengi’s red buff up the top side jungle had been stolen by Elise. But since Elise and Graves started on the same side of the jungle, just because Elise took bengi’s red doesn’t mean he can go across the map to take hers instead.

Watch Wolf’s Braum move on the minimap:

Elise’s red buff, brought to you and sponsored by Wolf’s sneaky ward.

He places 2 wards 1) by the small bush at the raptors 2) by the sharp corner opposite red buff so anyone who starts red will be spotted instantly. Together, the wards appear like two ends of a smile.

With the precision of the second ward’s placement, who wouldn’t be smiling? Even though SBENU pinks their bush by red, the pink is positioned smack in the middle and therefore does not detect Wolf’s ward which is just out of range.

red buff ward(Wolf’s ward had disappeared already by this point)

Faker’s Corki and bengi’s Graves collapse onto the unsuspecting Elise, securing her red buff for bengi fair and square.

  1. “Let’s put on our thinking caps! Hmm… hmmhmm, hmmhmm… Ah, I got it!”

Vision: SaSin’s sneaky wards, though did not secure anything for SBENU, are worth mentioning because he sure fooled SKT.

Mid laners place wards along the choke point on either side primarily to spot a gank before it happens, and watch for movement in the enemy jungle. To avoid his ward being cleared, SaSin instead ward at the far corner so that if a pink is placed in the middle of the choke point, the ward will not be seen. Even though SKT saw him clearly moving out of lane, pinged it, and knew for sure he placed a ward in the area, they don’t manage to find it.


SKT’s win wasn’t surprising to anyone. Just by team composition alone, it was difficult for Flawless’ Elise to gank the lanes with a Valkyring Corki in mid, an Arcane Shifting Ezreal bot, and a Poppy up top who knew when to push and when to play it at the tower. Coupled with a bengi who read Elise’s whereabouts all game, SBENU was defeated in structured, efficient SKT fashion. GG.


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