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Be Judged: SKT vs emFire Game 3/3 [29 Jan 2016]

Amidst the chaos, the misfires and the burning desires to win, SKT put emFire out by capitalizing on their mistakes in the late game. Bang’s and Wolf’s synergy, playing around Kalista’s Fate Call, should never be underestimated. They proved themselves at Worlds, and they prove themselves again in this final game of the series.

SKT emFire
Duke Poppy Hipo Tahm Kench
Bengi Elise Crush Graves
Faker Viktor Edge Lux
Bang Kalista SSol Corki
Wolf Alistar GuGer Braum
  1. “You have earned your fate.”

TEAMFIGHT: Baron? Did someone say Baron? I thought you meant champions.

emFire’s poke comp means that throughout the game, we will witness their predictable formation: Braum and Tahm Kench at the front, Lux and Corki at the back, and Graves somewhere in between. SKT’s prime opportunity will be to catch the APC or ADC when they are out of position. Otherwise, they’ve got to deal as much damage to whoever is closest, running down on Braum or Tahm to weaken emFire’s 2-man frontline.

Even before Baron is taken, SKT starts focusing on Braum and forced Hipo’s hand (mouth?) to save his support with Devour. Supports do need love, and this play in itself would not be worth mentioning—except that Braum effectively disappears, and Tahm has no way of saving anyone else. emFire has no frontline and their carries, vulnerable.

At that very moment, for reasons only Edge can explain, his Lux walks from behind the pit all the way down a full quarter circle to midlane’s side bush, isolating himself from his already retreating team with an attempt to snare Kalista and Viktor.

One mispositioned Lux, one speedy decision from Bang with a swift Fate’s Call by Wolf and emFire’s super effective wave clear and reliable CC is gone. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the all-in comp of SKT—and they definitely take it. Late game Elise, Alistar and Poppy stroll past the mid lane turret to catch a no-mana Braum at the inhibitor turret, making it 3 champions for a Baron, closing the gold lead to 300g.

Worth? Let’s just say SKT made the best out of the situation.

  1. “We will claim you.”

OBJECTIVE CONTROL: Fate’s Call with Flash closes gaps so rapidly that it takes opponents by surprise. Post-Baron, Wolf uses this combo to reach emFire’s backline. Oh look, another solution to the poke-comp problem SKT did not execute earlier.

As fate would have it, an isolated Corki is no different from an isolated Lux. Faker shows no mercy, flashing over the wall to instantly nuke the ADC.

What’s most intriguing is the before and after of this teamfight: emFire chases down SKT into the choke point by Blue. Narrow paths are exactly what Lux players want—easy snares, easy combos, an easy day at work. But at the curve of the bend, it is SKT who turns the fight around to engage on them instead, taking the fight to the river. Open spaces allow the all-in comp to run down their opponents, breaking their formation. Carries get exposed, and battles won.

Instead of chasing the stray Graves and Braum, SKT’s strategic decision to send Bang top with Baron empowered minions is shrewd macroplay. Watch the minimap: Even before SKT did Baron they already pushed up bot lane. With Bang shoving top as well, it forces emFire to deal with waves from opposing sides of the map, stretching out their resources. In turn, with SKT’s mid inhibitor exposed, it also means emFire’s best chance of winning is to push mid lane into the Nexus.

And they do, but hey, here’s another way to get into emFire’s backline: Teleport from behind, turn things around and put out Fire’s mid inhibitor instead. Taking everyone by surprise, Bang and Wolf execute the variation combo of Fate’s Call + Kalista Flash + Alistar’s Pulverize perfectly. SKT is finally playing League of Legends.

  1. “So your treachery ends.”

When SKT take their 1st dragon it is also when they close the game.

Fate’s Call is craftily used. At first it might seem like Bang blew a cooldown for nothing, but watch carefully: Both Corki and Graves were clumped in the frontline and the threat of a Fate’s Call engage into their faces caused them to immediately Valkyrie and Quickdraw away. This sends them further down mid lane, giving SKT enough leeway to grab their 1st dragon of the game.

Working without Fate’s Call, Wolf’s positioning was astute. Instead of joining the team for dragon, he hung around the side to get a 90 degree angle on their backline. emFire knew, and Lux and Braum were trying to do something about it, tickling Alistar ever so slightly. Unfortunately, if you don’t take a bull by its horns, it will charge at you with an Unbreakable Will. Wolf catches Corki, and one by one, emFire’s treasonous hearts are pierced, burned at their very own stake.


Despite a rough start, SKT managed to do what they were best at—capitalizing on emFire’s mistakes and playing those teamfights out with dead precision. Bang MVP!


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