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Every Web, a Masterpiece – SKT vs SSG Game 1/2 [22 Jan 2016]

What’s not there is as important as what is.

Duke Tahm Kench CuVee Fiora
Bengi Elise Ambition Rek’sai
Faker Gangplank Crown Viktor
Bang Lucian CoreJJ Corki
Wolf Thresh Wraith Trundle
  1. “I know what lurks in the shadows.”

VISION: 2 early game junglers with paralleled movements across the map, but only 1 comes up tops. Why?

Watch the minimap.

I’m hosting the party, Rek! You just uninvited yourself, somehow.

bengi’s 2nd successful gank at bot was triggered by his first. When he showed himself bot the first time, Rek’sai immediately went up to his top jungle to plunder and gain vision with a ward the small brush by Raptors. At the same time, Faker’s GP got low. Covering mid lane, Elise remained visible as Rek takes top river Scuttle.

Once relieved of covering duty, the game of shadows begin. bengi moves towards top river and sees that Scuttle was just taken. This tells SKT 2 things: 1) Rek’sai is in his top jungle and 2) He could potentially gank mid lane as the wave was pushed up to SSG’s turret. bengi placing a deeper ward into Rek’s jungle therefore safeguards Faker.

Both junglers flow towards bot. bengi is spotted by Rek’s ward by Raptors, and Ambition reveals himself when he helps Viktor ward the side brush which SKT already had vision of.

Wonderful. Now both junglers confirm where each other are. In fact, Rek could have very well been one step ahead of Elise, but bengi outsmarted everyone in the shadows.

Rek only stops recalling to help his bot lane after bengi executed Elise’s full combo. By then, it was too late. The deed was done.

  1. “We must all make sacrifices.”

TEAMFIGHT: Those empty GP ults in SKT’s game vs Jin Air still haunts us all. Thank goodness this game Faker’s GP has Thresh in the mix for solid CC and more zoning.

It’s 43mins. It’s late, it’s tense, and one fight could decide it all. After sweeps of warding and dewarding around Baron and Dragon, SKT finally finds an opening.

“Bombs away!”… “Oh wait, not mine.”

Just before this catch from Wolf, SKT were clumped mid defending their inner mid turret. They pushed SSG back, and had perfect positioning because 1) SSG helped by not knowing when or how to initiate a fight, splitting up where 2) Fiora was doing Dragon alone and 3) SKT’s backline funneled Corki into mid lane so that the fight opens 3v5 in SKT’s favour.

Wolf’s Thresh initiates onto Rek’sai with a full combo. SKT’s backline – Lucian, Gangplank and Thresh—comfortably hang out within The Box which prevents any potential counter-engage from SSG, particularly Fiora from side. Together with GP’s ult, there’s now a kill zone and a safe zone.

Swift and steady, bengi’s Elise flashed into the kill zone, cocooned and comboed onto Viktor’s face – the #1 champion they needed dead as he was doing the most damage for SSG. Duke’s Tahm Kench flashes in too, gleefully joining in for the main course. Notice how Tahm simultaneously blocks Trundle and Corki from helping Viktor and exposes them to shots fired from the safe zone. What a pal.

CuVee’s Fiora on the other hand, weighs 5x lesser and had even less impact. The intent was to dive onto Lucian or GP from his position at Dragon. He never had a chance. Dancing in circles, Fiora first gets zoned by terrifying AAs from Thresh(!), then some Powder Kegs, then, nothing, really. SSG was losing the fight too hard.

Viktor is decisively finished off by Bang’s Lucian after Elise perishes within his Gravity Field. Worth!

  1. “Pull the strings. Watch them dance.”

OBJECTIVE CONTROL: Embracing Viktor a second time, bengi’s Elise sure has a favourite victim.

It will be all over soon.

A continuous play from the last, Dragon was still available. SKT rotated over and waited for Bang’s Lucian to join them from base quickly to even it out 4v4. Cannon Barrage and The Culling zoned SSG off, and Dragon was SKT’s to take comfortably even without their jungler.

After a bonus catch on Trundle, SKT immediately headed over to Baron with a numbers advantage 4v5. Perhaps a little too desperate in their attempt to stop Baron, SSG’s ADC and APC found themselves isolated from their front line.

We all know what happens when squishies/high priority targets expose themselves—they get picked off and get eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Viktor falls, then Corki. Check out how well-organised SKT splits up after, 2 to chase down Corki, 3 to pursue Rek’sai and Fiora, converging nicely as 5 in mid to take everything away from SSG.


Right from the start of this game, bengi’s Elise pulled SSG’s strings strategically; a well-deserved MVP who well-served his team.


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