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3 History Lessons: SKT vs Jin Air Game 2/2 [15 Jan 2016]

Sometimes you need your favourite pro team to remind you of what you’ve learnt in Basic LoL 101.


Jin Air

Duke Quinn TrAce Graves
Bengi Evelynn Winged Elise
Faker Gangplank Kuzan Cassiopeia
Bang Miss Fortune Pilot Ezreal
Wolf Tahm Kench Chei Alistar
  1. Never underestimate your opponents…or they’ll kill you 3x over

Elise is an early game impact jungler with easily a minimum ¾ health bar maintained. Evelynn needs to clear, heal at base, then start something. Don’t think you won’t get invaded, especially when a) you know you started at opposite ends of the jungle, b) they don’t need to head back to the fountain for a while and so c) it’s going to come right down to timing.

Stuck between a spider and a man who lost his cigar

Lesson learnt: It doesn’t hurt to take that few extra steps (and seconds) to ward the entrance to your jungle when your spidey senses are tingling the enemy jungler has even the slightest potential to invade.

Graves also did a great job at working hand-in-hand with his jungler, simultaneously pushing the minion wave to Quinn’s turret then backing off into FoW. Duke had no information on his opponent. By the time he pinged ‘?’, it was too late for bengi.

Jin Air then transited smoothly for the second kill of the game in under 5mins—for a tasty Faker sandwich.

I’m a pirate! Why are snakes & spiders attacking me at sea? Oh, wait.

Hanging around, Elise waits for red buff to heal her up, clears raptors, and spots an opportunity at top because Quinn was pushing the wave.

Spiders everywhere, I swear

Unfortunately for Duke, his trinket was on CD as he already warded the bottom bush closest to his turret and had no vision. Perhaps he thought Elise recalled after the action at mid, combined with the favorable large minion wave, opened with Valut onto Graves. Immediately, Elise moves out of the brush, eating her 3rd breakfast which is more than the average Hobbit.

  1. CC doesn’t always win games, but they do help. A lot.

Down 6k gold and 8 kills: What’s one of the best ways to try to come back? Pick someone off.

Faker’s Gangplank very nicely hides behind the wolf camp out of vision, and sets up 2 Power Kegs onto Ezreal, the squishiest (and best choice) SKT could hope to pick off.

Whoa, where did my HP go? Just kidding.

However, Ezreal being Ezreal, Arcane Shifts over the wall avoiding Cannon Barrage entirely. Faker tries to get another Keg off, fails and SKT now has to retreat quickly. But the sandwiching skills of Jin Air were on point: Flash into Pulverize into Headbutt, Alistar CCs Gangplank easily, followed by Petrifying Gaze and Cocoon onto Wolf’s Tahm Kench, securing yet another kill for Jin Air. Who’s picking who off now?

  1. You need at least 1 champion to initiate. Hard.

“What could SKT do, really?”

It’s one thing to come back from a game; it’s another to try with soft CCs and ticklish zoning. SKT’s team comp depended fully on Eve to initiate with her ultimate into GP and MF’s ults. They never once pulled it off. How many times have we played games where the laning phase didn’t go as planned, but once towers were down and team fights start, those Malphite ults just suddenly obliterated everyone?

SKT had no real tank or hard CC to engage, hence it was difficult to make plays of their own unless Jin Air made a mistake.

#1 Bot inhib

Throwing out pokes and CC, a Cocoon from Elise landed on Tahm Kench, prompting Faker to burn GP’s ult so that JAG disengages temporarily. With SKT’s theorized wombo combo now out of the picture, Alistar went right in with his classic stuff onto Quinn.

The threat of Jin Air landing just one CC amidst the poke was a dangerous for SKT. They had to settle with keeping a distance and left-right-left-right clicks:

#2 Top inhib

#3 Mid tower & inhib

At the last stand, SKT attempts to start a fight on their terms by their nexus turrets. Ezreal got a bit too close, and Eve initiates with Randuin’s active into GP’s ult:

#4 Nexus turrets

bengi’s Eve however, had to back off. Alistar had jumped straight into their SKT’s faces to force them to disengage. While SKT invested these resources, Graves took a Nexus turret and the rest was history—which hopefully, will not repeat itself for SKT.


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