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SKT vs CJ Game 1/2 [13 Jan 2016]

“SKT is so good at punishing mistakes,” everyone said at the 2015 World Championships.

This year, they still seem to keep at it.

  1. “Run if you can.”

VISION: What started with a jungle pathing mistake by Kindred (Bubbling) led to an incredibly smooth transition into a gank by Rek’sai (bengi) under CJ’s bot turret. Don’t blink or you might miss this.

 Welcome to LCK 2016

3 factors leading up to bengi’s first blood:
-Teleport used by Maokai (Untara) at 3.48min
-TF (Sky) is not level 6 yet, so mid and top are out of the equation
-Kindred’s (Bubbling) going mid on the left side of the map, eventually taking himself out of the equation

 Kindred showing himself mid, giving SKT information on his pathing

Since SKT’s bot lane was pushing, Kindred could potentially gank from behind via the river. However, bengi was already waiting for Bubbling to show himself. 4 members of SKT cut off Kindred’s escape routes, forcing a flash and Dance of Arrows over the dragon wall.

With Kindred now also out of the equation, the rest was SKT’s doing. Thresh’s (Wolf) combo was perfect: Flashing behind the out-of-position Ashe (Kramer) and Alistar (Madlife), flaying them both into his team mates, then throwing out a lantern.

Rek’sai having followed Kindred into the dragon pit, tunnels over. 3 versus 2, Kalista (Bang) very nicely rends before getting pulverized, leaving Ashe low. Rek’sai after getting CCed, takes a max range lantern as Thresh moves under the turret to finish off Ashe. Alistar was too far away, and already exhausted his cooldowns. There was nothing more Madlife could do =( Sadlife.

  1. “An eye for an eye.”

VISION: Again, Rek’sai (bengi) makes the smart plays—this time at top.


TF’s (Sky) teleport was down as he used it to get back into lane at 6.34min. CJ therefore handed SKT their second kill of the game. A cumulative mistake solely on CJ’s part started off more than 1 minute before bengi’s gank, when Ashe (Kramer) wards the bottom bush at the same time as Kalista (Bang).

 Oh hey, you placed a ward too

Yet it still led to Bubbling trying to sneak up on SKT’s bot lane through that very bush on the dying ward, giving SKT full knowledge of his position on the map.

 I’m here!”, love Kindred

bengi says ‘thank you very much’, heads back to the fountain to heal, then makes his way top. CJ not knowing that Kindred was spotted, Maokai (Untara) innocently clears SKT’s pink ward on their side of the tribush at top.

Watch the minimap too—Corki (Faker) simultaneously pressures TF at mid so that he has no chance to Destiny and countergank top.

And so, Rek’sai & Tahm Kench (Duke) fully commit to flashing over the wall to take down that tree, tooth for a tooth.

  1. “I’ve got a bogey on my tail!”

TEAMFIGHT: If you’re wondering why Corki (Faker) Valkyried over the wall into Alistar’s (Madlife) face(!), just before the best team fight of this match, both Ashe (Kramer) & Kalista (Bang) traded ults seconds before, so SKT wanted this fight.

 Backline, frontline, backline, what?

Both Maokai (Untara) and Tahm Kench (Duke) teleported behind enemy lines, but due to positioning and terrain, Ashe and TF were kept at bay at their own bot turret. Meanwhile, Maokai fulfilled all his responsibilities. However, SKT had already controlled the outcome of this teamfight since the start. With Alistar (Madlife) withered down early in the choke point, Kindred (Bubbling) targeted Corki with Mao—only to find himself on the wrong side of the dragon pit. Again.

We all know what happened from there.


Besides the big plays, it was in the small stuff too: Rek’sai (bengi) and Tahm Kench got ahead early and got healthy enough to tank and zone CJ’s backline. When SKT members got low in teamfights, they re-positioned to block Ashe’s Volley.

It is still a pleasure to watch SKT play, breaking open the LCK Spring 2016 season. I’m definitely hoping for more ‘typical SKT’ victories. They play such a beautiful game.


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