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Function Over Form: SKT vs ROX [27 Jan 2016]

SKT didn’t pick super off meta champions at Worlds, and the Tigers did with green slimes. They did allow MaRin to indulge in Rumble which worked well for their strategy. Pick/ban … Continue reading

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Every Web, a Masterpiece – SKT vs SSG Game 1/2 [22 Jan 2016]

What’s not there is as important as what is. SKT SSG Duke Tahm Kench CuVee Fiora Bengi Elise Ambition Rek’sai Faker Gangplank Crown Viktor Bang Lucian CoreJJ Corki Wolf Thresh … Continue reading

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3 History Lessons: SKT vs Jin Air Game 2/2 [15 Jan 2016]

Sometimes you need your favourite pro team to remind you of what you’ve learnt in Basic LoL 101. SKT Jin Air Duke Quinn TrAce Graves Bengi Evelynn Winged Elise Faker … Continue reading

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SKT vs CJ Game 1/2 [13 Jan 2016]

“SKT is so good at punishing mistakes,” everyone said at the 2015 World Championships. This year, they still seem to keep at it. “Run if you can.” VISION: What started … Continue reading

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